ACP Cladding a Key To Improve Appearance of Your Building.

Aluminum Composite Panel or ACP is widely used for signage, partitions, and false ceilings. This is a unique method of cladding as it is lightweight, but provides strength to constructions. These panels are used in various transient structures. Owing to its features, ACP is used for exterior of buildings. Two layers of aluminum sheets are joined with a non-aluminum core usually made of polyethylene. Core of these panels has low density and is effective in resisting fire. You can paint the surface with both metallic and non-metallic colors. Use of latest technology and superior quality raw material, is guaranteed by ACP cladding in Kolkata agencies.

Protects external surface

Blend of craftsmanship and use of sophisticated machinery assures wide assortment of designs that are worth the amount you pay for it. Different features of ACP wall cladding lures the attention of clients. Few important features of these panels are dimensional accuracy, longevity, strength and low maintenance costs. A major advantage of using this panel is that it protects the interior of the building from extreme weather conditions. If you want an aesthetically appealing exterior of your property then, you can opt for installing Aluminum Composite Panel. It is also effective in evading ill effects of radiation.

ACP Cladding system

Obtain in different shapes

In modern architecture, ACP plays an important role. You can use these panels in different industrial and residential buildings. It is lightweight in comparison to both aluminum and steel. Versatility of aluminum helps manufacturer to carve the panels into various shapes depending on need of clients. In comparison to other metals, it has the highest ratio of weight to strength. Core is thick and stiff and provides maximum strength to this panel. Two layers used in ACP make it resistant to erosion and helps in creating a noise-free environment. Insulation of these panels depends on its thickness, and you can have an insight of it from manufacturers.

Benefits of this panel

It is fire resistant and insulated wall aids in transferring heat from exposed to unexposed areas but retain integrity of structure. Power of fire resistant depends on thickness of the panel. Polyethylene used in the core minimizes toxicity and reduces smoke. Even in extreme weather conditions, Exterior ACP is durable. These panels are easy to install and maintain. Another advantage of using this panel for buildings is that it is resistant to acid, chemicals, and UV rays. Envelope a high rise with ACP and you will love the sight of glass interrupted by these panels.

Change in trends

Over the years, there has been a surge in demand of ACP cladding in the construction industry. Different attributes contribute to the use of Interior ACP and partitions for various buildings. Panels used in interiors help in enhancing the décor. You can also use this panel for curtain cladding. Availing services from the manufacturer and fabricator ACP Cladding system in Kolkata ensures superior quality material for these panels. You can also opt for customized services to meet your demands. You can get panels in different shapes and sizes from the reputed fabricator and manufacturer. For alleviating aesthetics of your building, availing services of reputed manufacturers is a must.

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